Holidays in luxury Paros villas

Paros in Greece is one of the most popular islands of the Cyclades. In ancient times, the island of Paros was famous for its fine marble used in statues and temples. The island of Paros, located in the heart of the Aegean Sea, is ideal for young people, romantic couples and families. Cycladic architecture dominates with white sugar houses, cobbled streets and blue-domed churches. The beaches are famous for their turquoise waters and golden sand. The island of Antiparos opposite Paros offers an excellent opportunity for a day trip to its crystalline beaches and you will enjoy its relaxing atmosphere. 

In this article, we will tell you why it is worth renting Paros villas during your vacation.

Benefits of a villa holiday in Paros

Privacy. Most likely, no one will argue that this is one of the key benefits of staying in a villa. After all, rest in a villa is about spacious stylish bedrooms, a cozy living room, and a multifunctional kitchen. In addition, a garden with fresh green grass, a swimming pool with clean water, a separate recreation area directly outdoors, sun loungers and access to the Aegean Sea are also automatically added to the space inside the house. A vacation in a villa opens up completely different possibilities for rest and relaxation. While the adult guests are relaxing and allowing themselves such a rare pleasure to soak up the bed, the children are already running around in the garden. Slowly, guests wake up, go out onto the terrace, go to the kitchen on the way to make coffee and grab fruit, sit comfortably in easy chairs or hammocks, enjoying the feeling that life is beautiful.


Incognito and privacy. Resting even in the most luxurious hotel, you will not be spared from the company of other people or alternatively the children of other hotel guests. By booking Paros villas with private pool and garden, you will ensure yourself complete privacy and peace of mind away from prying eyes.


Escape from the hustle and bustle. Our everyday life is an explosive cocktail of a million thoughts, worrying about loved ones, work tasks and deadlines, driving on noisy and gassed roads, communicating with pleasant and not so nice people, fast food, everyday life. That is why it is becoming more and more popular among residents of big cities to rent houses by the sea or even in the mountains for a short time, where you can wake up from the chirping of birds and fall asleep, barely touching the pillow with your head, breathing in full fresh air.


Enjoy the company of a loved one to the fullest. Some villas that seem to be created for a romantic getaway – in the bedroom, there is a huge four-poster bed, and in the bathroom, there is a jacuzzi. Like it or not, but in the closed territory of the villa, guests get more freedom and can behave more relaxed and at ease, enjoying the company of a loved one.


Feel like an aborigine. Unfortunately, a hotel-type vacation will never bring you the same range of emotions as a holiday in a villa. Tourists rarely explore the country they are traveling in, because it is unlikely that anyone will really want to leave the territory of the hotel complex. Especially when it comes to the insidious All Inclusive. A villa in Paros gives you the opportunity to get to know the locals, their traditions and culture. You will discover cozy restaurants on the Aegean coast and splurge in authentic souvenir shops. In addition, you can visit the wild deserted beaches and admire the beautiful landscapes.

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